Masturbation cup how to buy? How to use the masturbation cup and cleaning and maintenance

What is a masturbation cup for man?


Male masturbator is a kind of sex toy that can help men to relax, get sexual satisfaction and vent their stress, its appearance is very small, like an ordinary cup, it is made of soft synthetic resin or silicone, and the internal structure generally imitates the design of female vagina, the softness is moderate, it can solve the physical needs of men.

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Masturbation Cup Material
Men's stroker is usually made of soft synthetic resin or silicone, automatic stroker cup TPE material is closer to human skin. Other materials are mixed rubber, artificial rubber, latex, sponge, etc.

auto stroker function
1, vibration: the basic function of the masturbation cup, multi-frequency multi-vibration mode.
2, voice: can be interactive, with the action, speed, strength, and depth of the induction type voice.
3, thrust: simulate piston movement, you can also adjust the speed and frequency, as long as the insertion will not have to move.
4, hands-free: electric automatic sex toy suction cups adsorbed on the wall, adjusting a variety of angles, no longer need to hold hands, a better experience.

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The masturbator is electric or manual better?

There are many types of masturbation devices, including manual masturbation cup, Rechargeable masturbation cup, training masturbator, suction blowjob, pocket pussy, anal vibrator, etc. From the design aspect, it can also be divided into simulation pussy, blowjob simulator, blowjob simulator, blowjob simulator, blowjob simulator, etc. blowjob simulator, blow job simulater, automatic stroker, etc.

Masturbation cup is good to use?

1, for no sex partner friends, man sex penis sleeve tight, the internal structure of the imitation of female private parts, do up close to the real movement, greatly improving the pleasure and quality of masturbation, than their own manual to better.
2, for people who have girlfriends or sexual partners, preparing a mens stroker is also very necessary, in force to be different for a period of time, physiological cycle, during pregnancy, etc., can use the cup to solve their own physical needs.

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What is the use of the Masturbation cup?
A masturbation cup is still very useful, if you need it, you can buy one to keep at home, just in case.

Masturbator cup male sex toy and the difference between real people

1, purely in terms of physical sensations, modern technology to create a masturbator and real people can feel almost the same, and can even be fake, better than real people's feelings, and hands-free male masturbator more convenient, do not have to consider each other's experience.

2, but as people have thoughts and desires and feelings of animals, can not just consider the physical pleasure, sex is not just to meet the needs and release, there are two sides of the soul, from this point of view, masturbating machines are after all dead things, there is no way to compare with the real person.

masturbation cups benefits Or disadvantages

The benefits and disadvantages of masturbation cups

The benefits of automatic male sex toy

1, increase the interest and freshness, can get a different sexual experience and freshness.
2, reduce the damage to the Cock, using a masturbation cup can try to avoid the "time to shorten, hardness is very soft" and other hazards.
3, no actual sexual experience friends may be nervous, psychological role and premature ejaculation, with masturbators, can simulate sex in advance, for the actual battle reserve experience.
4, sexual demand is normal, with masturbation cup instead of venting, to avoid long-term repression of their harm.
5, to avoid guilt and meet your sexual needs, masturbation cup when you want to use it, no worries.
6, Sex doll masturbation cup wall design high imitation of the female lower body, wrapped feeling, feeling closer to the real, more exciting.
7, training class masturbators can be through vibration and peristalsis, so Male genitalia receive more stimulation to reduce sensitivity, which can play a certain role in the delayed exercise.

What are the hazards of masturbation cups?

The editor reminds us that the masturbation cup as long as not overused, is not too harmful to the body, and the appropriate release of physiological needs but beneficial to the body; however, it should be noted that the use of experience is better, may make people addicted to it, frequent use of the body is more injury, use to pay attention to moderation, generally controlled in 1-2 times a week, should not be too frequent.


Sex doll good or automatic stroker good?
1. masturbation cup from the operation is divided into automatic male masturbator and manual masturbation cup, ordinary masturbator because of the soft rubber material restrictions, can not give more realism and stimulation, can only do research in the internal structure, design more complex than the real female private parts of the secondary structure, according to the intricate design of male sensitive points more lines and protruding points, to make The man in the use of masturbators to obtain greater pleasure.

2. The internal structure of the masturbator sold by YIWAsextoy is also more complex, with more complex patterns and a stronger sense of particles. When the male enters, the thick soft rubber around the penis will squeeze, producing a thick sense of wrapping, plus deepening the texture of the structure and protruding meat ball adsorption and squeezing the penis, you can instantly orgasm.

3. the biggest difference between this device and masturbators is that the simulation Sex doll device real restores female private parts, from the folds of the labia, the size of the clitoris, the distance of the G-spot, and even some inverted models will restore the proportion of the human body, will deepen the visual and tactile comfort experience sense, feel more real.

How to choose a masturbation cup

How much is the masturbation cup a variety of male masturbators on the market, the brand mixed, the quality varies, from a few dozen dollars to thousands of dollars a have, the price is high, all aspects are relatively good, as the saying goes, a penny, of course, not the more expensive masturbation cup is better, the key or to fit their own.

The male masturbator toy buy which one is better
Some friends are more sensitive, high sensitivity is recommended to choose the soft type, you can slowly play, sensitivity is normal or general, it is recommended to choose exercise models: high sensitivity is more suitable for high stimulation models.
2、male masturbator material
Generally from good to bad is TPE material, silicone, and sponge, you can choose the material according to their economic ability; not recommended to buy sponge material airplane cup, this kind of general is disposable, the comfort is not very good.
3、their size
According to their size choosing masturbating machines, buying too big or too small are not good, it is recommended to ask customer service to choose their size to match the aircraft cup.
4、Actual needs
There are many kinds of masturbation tools, such as manual masturbators and electric masturbators, so you can choose the right kind of masturbation tools according to your actual needs.


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How to use masturbation cup for man

1, do a good job of lubrication
The masturbation cup is made of silicone and does not secrete bodily fluids as people do, so if you enter directly, you may feel pain.
2、Heat up the interior
Some electric masturbators with automatic heating function, some do not, you can use hot water or use a special heating rod to heat up before use, so you can use the sense more realistic, and more enjoyable to use.
3, pay attention to the use of methods
The correct way to use the masturbation cup is: to apply lubricant and slowly insert your penis, then change the various angles to stimulate Cock, if you do not want to shoot so quickly, you can slow down a little, you can want to shoot faster, you can repeatedly stimulate the head of the penis until you shoot out.
Three, the use of a masturbation cup needs to pay attention to 3 points
1, the preparation work before use should be adequate.
The first is to do a good job of cleaning before use, it is recommended to use a special disinfectant solution to disinfect, or wipe with a special disinfectant wipe. You can also directly rinse with water, but be careful not to use ordinary soap, alcohol, or disinfectant to clean, otherwise, it will cause damage to the cup. In addition, if you are using a Rechargeable male masturbation cup, then be sure to fully charge, or in the process of using a sudden power failure, that is very embarrassing.
2, there is the use of the instructions.
Lubricant is masturbator cup essential. When using, you need to first apply a good lubricating fluid, it is recommended to use a water-soluble lubricating fluid. This is not only more comfortable but also the necessary security. Secondly, generally do not need to wear a condom to use, of course, if you feel the trouble of cleaning, wearing a condom to use is also possible, but the comfort is down a notch. Finally, the focus, that is, must not be used too often. It is recommended that no more than 5 times a week, generally 3-4 times is better.
3, after the use of cleaning to be in place.
After use, generally use cold water to rinse the cup clean inside and outside, remove the pussy cover and rotation sleeve, and prohibit the use of boiling water rinse or soak.

Will male masturbating machines be checked through security?
Generally speaking, regardless of whether it is an airplane or high-speed rail security checks, are allowed to carry, masturbation cup belongs to the general life pleasure goods. However, it should be noted that airplane security checks are usually stricter, manual masturbation cups are fine, and male masturbation toys electric using lithium batteries, may be required to check-in.