14 ways to make your experience more wonderful masturbation

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When you're a testosterone-filled teen, most guys with penises learn to masturbate as quickly and quietly as possible. The so-called masturbation is to rely on one's own ability to satisfy sexual pleasure. Male masturbation is nothing more than holding his penis, giving friction, or twitching up and down to satisfy sexual pleasure. So what are the techniques for male masturbation?


"As long as you're switching things up when you masturbate, you get an opportunity to explore and try different things with your body and o learn what you like," she says. "You can learn how you like your penis touched, which things turn you on, and which angles lead to more pleasure."


Try these 14 masturbation tips and techniques the next time you feel like getting down with yourself, and get ready to feel good—really good.


     1. Change your masturbation position.
You've probably been masturbating in the same position for years, so try changing it. "If you're a stander, try lying on your back. If you like to sit, stand up," says Lanzhou University Ph.D. "Changing your position improves the resting state of your pelvic floor muscles, which helps improve blood flow to your penis." So changing your masturbation position will not only feel fresh, but it can also increase the strength of your erection.

Stimulation of the penis, kneading penis

     2. Stimulation of the penis.

Use some lubricant or saliva while pulling, hold the erect penis in one or both hands, and pull up and down. Some men prefer to reach the top of the glans with each pull, and this stimulation is often accompanied by holding the testicles with one hand. Pulling can also be done by wrapping a soft cloth around the penis. Another method is to tighten the scrotum with one hand, but not too heavy, and pull the penis with the other hand. Some men like to move quickly.

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      3. Masturbation after exercise.

Do you actually feel excited after exercising? Well, there is a reason for that. When you exercise, you release hormones, including adrenaline and dopamine, which are also known as "feel-good" chemicals. Post-workout masturbation is great, Dr. XX adds, "because your endorphins are so high, your blood flow is so high, and your pelvic floor muscles are totally relaxed."

Banana and Cake

     4. Use masturbation sets.

Sex toys aren't just for people with vulvas. For penis owners, sex expert and host of the popular podcast Sex with Emily recommends yiwasextoys, a popular handheld column you slide over your junk to simulate what it's like to have real vaginal or anal sex. (You can even buy accessories to keep your hands free.)

     5. Use a penis vibrator.

Vibrators are traditionally marketed to people with vulvas, which makes sense since most people need some form of external clitoral stimulation to orgasm during penetration. But in recent years, there has been an increase in vibrating sex toys designed for dicks, because honestly, those vibrating penises feel really good too! A 2021 study found that 44% of heterosexual men have enjoyed using a vibrator at some point in their lives, so don't be shy to try some of these toys. Dr. XX recommends the Space Rocket Vibrating Male Stroker, an electric penis vibrator, then go to oral sex paradise with an effective touch pleasure masturbator. This is a sex toy for men, Usually called it aircraft cup, mens sextoys.

The action of holding a stick, Simulate masturbation
  1. Combine anal play

"Many men, especially those who identify as heterosexual, often miss out on a huge source of pleasure: their butts," says the XX expert. "Asses (of all genders) have tons of nerve endings, and it feels really good to stimulate them. If you have a prostate that can be reached (indirectly) that way, then anal stimulation can be really exciting."
So how do you add a little ass game to your next masturbation session? It is recommended to use your hands or a prostate massage toy.
She recommends the YIWA Sucking Electric, which "Perfect size, easy to carry, easy to hide, fast application, enjoy its 100% confidential packaging anytime, anywhere, and the oscillations of the internal vibrating section hit the prostate just right."

  1. Put a cock ring on it.

Penis Rings - Clear Beaded Cock & Ball Rings, which surround the base of your penis (and sometimes your testicles), trap blood in your shaft, thereby strengthening your erection. Cock rings often appear in conversations about how to last longer in partnered sex, but there's no reason not to get their rock-solid benefits in solo sex. Speaking of benefits: In addition to stronger erections, some people are anecdotal about cock rings giving them stronger orgasms.


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     8. Anal and prostate stimulation.

The anus is quite sensitive and for some people, the prostate is stimulated when a finger or tube-like toy is inserted between it. Some men are very fond of this act during "hand" sex or male-female sex.
"Many men, especially those who consider themselves heterosexual, often miss out on a huge source of pleasure: their anus, which has a large number of nerve endings for both men and women, and for some, when a finger or a tube-like toy is inserted between them, the prostate is stimulated. The sensation will be very good. Some men enjoy this act during "hand" sex or male-female sex.
So, how can you add a little butt play to your next masturbation session? yiwasextoys suggests using your hands or a prostate massage toy.
She recommends Remote control of anal plug vibration, It has 10 speed modes to chose, meet your different demands. Easy to operation, comes with remote control. USB Rechargeable, and the internal vibrating part has just the right amount of swell to hit the prostate."


  1. Add some ice to the orgasm

Men can masturbate as usual, and when you feel close to ejaculation, immediately use one hand to quickly grab some ice, and then hold the penis to continue to complete masturbation. In this way, on both sides of the penis is "ice and fire": cold on one side, hot on the other! When the moment of ejaculation this feeling will be more wonderful!


ice cubes in hand
  1. Ring your penis with your fingers

Apply lubricant to both hands and use the thumb and forefinger of one hand to form a ring. Then place this ring at the root of your penis. Let this ring slide from the root all the way to the glans part and back to the root. Now do the same thing with the other hand. Keep the proper rhythm until orgasm. This simple and effective cock ring fits snugly around the penis and helps to make your erection stronger and harder while delaying orgasm. This simple and effective cock ring fits snugly around the penis and helps to make your erection stronger and harder while delaying orgasm.


slime in hand
  1. Passionate milking style

This style, but you can tell from the name, what kind of effect it will have. This is a very exciting way to masturbate that is recommended by the internet. You have to lubricate your hand and penis (a must) and then, holding your right thumb and forefinger in an "O" shape, treat your penis like a cow's tit and follow the milking motion, and soon your semen will squirt out like milk.


milk the cow
  1. Screwing style

This way, the pleasure is no less than the milking style. The right hand holds the smooth penis, treating your penis as a screw, and doing back and forth screwing like a screw. If you know how to screw, you will be able to do this movement. Gradually the pleasure will become stronger, and then you will have a good time.

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  1. Squeeze the scrotum

When you feel that you are about to ejaculate while masturbating, hold your scrotum with one hand, squeeze it gently and then put it down (of course, you can also squeeze it with some force, depending on your own preference). In this way, you may feel your semen roaming around your body, trying to find an outlet to explode out.


hand pressed pillow, Rubbing objects
  1. Rubbing objects

Lie on your back, read erotic literature, turn your hips so that your penis rubs against objects such as bedding, pillows or place a pillow between your abdomen and penis and pump your penis back and forth between the pillow and the sheet, this method can be a try for hard penises in the morning.