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Leather Spanking Paddle - [yiwa_sex toys]

Leather Spanking Paddle

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Product Description:
Enjoy a spanking good time with YIWA Leather Spanking Paddle.This beautiful bondage paddle fits into the palm of your hand for the perfect spank every time.It's great for any kind of roleplay and bondage scenario and is sure to add a new twist to your sex life.

This gorgeous spanking paddle is made from a durable faux leather and polyurethane material that feels great on impact against the skin. Change the spanking side for new and exciting sensations each time. Spank with the black and red star embedded texture for unique stimulation,or spank with the other side for smooth but firm contact.The wrist strap at the bottom ensures your paddle will stay in place,even on the hardest of smacks.

Perfect for both beginners and experts alike, our paddle is sure to add new fun and adventure to your play. No matter if you're the submissive or the dominant,or taking turns switching roles,this Spanking Paddle is guaranteed to YIWA!

Product Details:

Length:12.5" (32cm)
Width:2.4" (6.1cm)
Material:Polyurethane,Faux leather
Type:Spanking paddle
Extra features: Wrist strap,Dual sided