How to use sex toys better in winter

Using sex toys in the winter can be a great way to add some excitement and variety to your intimate activities, especially if you're spending more time indoors due to colder weather. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your sex toys during the winter months:


Keep your toys clean: It's important to keep your sex toys clean at all times, but it's especially important during the winter when germs and bacteria can thrive in the cold, dry air. Be sure to wash your toys thoroughly before and after use, and consider using a toy cleaner or wiping them down with a disinfectant wipe.


Use lubricant: Cold temperatures can cause your skin to dry out, which can make sex and using sex toys less comfortable. To help prevent irritation and discomfort, be sure to use plenty of lubricant. Water-based lubricants are a good choice for most toys, but if you're using a silicone toy, you'll want to use a silicone-based lubricant instead.

Keep your toys warm: If you're using a toy made of a material that tends to get cold, such as metal or glass, you may want to consider warming it up before use. You can do this by running it under warm water for a few minutes, or by using a toy warmer.

Experiment with temperature play: Using sex toys that can be cooled or heated can add an extra level of sensation to your intimate activities. For example, you could try using a metal toy that has been chilled in the fridge, or a silicone toy that you've heated up in a bowl of warm water. Just be sure to test the temperature of the toy on your skin before using it to make sure it's not too cold or hot.

temperature play

Stay safe: As with any sexual activity, it's important to practice safe sex and use barriers such as condoms when appropriate. This is especially important during the winter when cold and flu season is in full swing.

We found several adult sex toys from the hot winter market, combined with the functional characteristics of the products, will introduce you to sex toys suitable for winter use, and hope to help you make the right choice.

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