What you need to know about mutual masturbation?

mutual masturbation, Male and female touching

We spend our lives trying to get ten minutes of "alone time", peace and quiet, and now we're told to be alone in front of our significant other? Yes, that's right, mutual masturbation is the same thing. That's great!

What is mutual masturbation?
Mutual masturbation is when you and your partner masturbate at the same time. It may sound a little crazy, but mutual masturbation works by allowing you and your loved one to share intimacy in a new way. If you've never tried it before, you're totally missing out.

You can masturbate side-by-side or from a distance (don't worry, we've provided location suggestions below). It doesn't matter where you are: the whole point of mutual masturbation is that all parties involved are masturbating at the same time.

masturbating with each other

What are the benefits of masturbating with each other?
There are many benefits to masturbating with each other. One of the biggest benefits is that it's basically a master class on how your partner likes to be touched. You both have a front row seat and can demonstrate how to get your partner off!

On a more practical note, if you both suddenly find yourselves sexually aroused but don't have time to roll over in the hay, then mutual masturbation can be great. Think of it as having a double pleasure.

Mutual masturbation is also great for inner voyeurs. If the idea of watching your partner entertain themselves makes you hot under the collar, then this type of game has your name on it.

the best positions for mutual masturbation

The best positions for mutual masturbation

Soft Touch

You may "turn on the lights" when you're doing everyday things, but if you're embarrassed about being watched, try turning off the lights or setting up a little mood lighting and covering you both up.

That way, no one is noticed and you are free to relax and enjoy the moment.

You may find that this gives you the confidence to reveal everything!

Method: Lie on your back, side by side, holding your partner's hand. As you touch yourself the way you like, close your eyes and enjoy listening to your partner's voice and feeling them hold your hand as they play.

Lovers' Lounge
Once you're feeling more confident, spread things out.

This spot is perfect for taking your favorite items out of the toy box. Why not pick up a set like the Wilder Weekend Rechargeable Couples Sex Toy Set and try a bunch of new toys together? This will help you focus your evening on mutual pleasure instead of being completely immersed in mutual masturbation, which can be a little intimidating.

How: Drape one leg over your partner's thigh while playing. The proximity helps make it feel like you're doing something together, and the sitting position makes it easy to catch a glimpse of what they're doing.

Lovers' Lounge

Club 96
Over the age of 69, a new sexual position has emerged in town. No, the second session is different from the first - Club 96 is for couples who want to see everything.

How: Lie side by side with one leg on the chest of the other and the head on either end of the bed. Arrange yourself so you can get a wink while your partner watches you enjoy your favorite toy or touch.

Western Mirror
To really ignite the mood, try the Peep Show, which challenges you to take your hands off each other while giving you a full view of your partner's playground.

If you are passionate about fashion, then this is the perfect place to add lingerie. We recommend clotless one-piece socks for maximum appeal.

Method: One partner sits comfortably on the edge of the bed with legs spread, while the other kneels nearby. You can touch your partner, but only with one foot - instead, focus on watching them touch their favorite spot.

Sex Positions

Adult Webcam
You may want to enjoy a long-distance relationship with your partner, and webcam + this post could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

We know. Who wants to travel long distances again? But really, it's a great way to heat up a movie night. "Movie night", yes, we mean "adult movie night".

Watching pornography will keep you both focused, with the added benefit of increasing your libido. Hosting a party for both your partner and your favorite genre of pornography? Priceless.

Method: You and your partner may not be in the same room, so it's all about presentation and comfort. Make sure you're sitting comfortably so you can put the phone between your ear and shoulder. Arrange a webcam or cell phone so that your partner is in close contact while you show them your goodies.

Remote control adult vibrating toys

Remote control adult vibrating toys
If you and your partner are in a different place and it's hard to relieve the pain of missing each other, then you can use the APP Remote Control G-spot Vibrator, an adult toy that has no distance limitation and can flirt through multiple vibration modes.

Method: Both parties connect to the toy with the help of APP, they and their partners can touch the APP to switch the vibration mode, or even through video conversation, operate various vibration modes, and watch each other enjoy the sexual pleasure brought by this remote control vibration toy. More Than 10 Vibrations for Women and Couple enhances interactivity and a more realistic sexual experience. How about this Wearable Panty G-spot Vibrator Dildo with APP Control?